"Empowering People to Achieve Balance"

Food & Movement for Wellness Course

Offered Nationally (minimum attendees required)

Register or inquire  by using our contact form or phoning 021872460

Cost $129 for 8 hours 15% discount applies to REPs registered individuals

5 CPDs non assessed or 10CPD’s with assessment.


Topic: “Getting the Best out of your Food” (4 hours) Presented by Cher Hunter-Director SomeBody Weigh Better ltd. Nutritional Facilitator & REPS Personal Trainer

How to get clients to become foodies in a great way!

We really are what we eat, and in today’s world where 80% of what sits on the shelves in the supermarket didn’t even exist 50 years ago-it’s no wonder 60% of us are dying prematurely due to nutritional related disease!

Knowledge is power, and changing focus from what NOT to eat, to what we CHOOSE to be eating for our health’s sake has shown to have positive outcomes for people’s mental and physical health…

At this workshop you will learn about nutrient rich foods to help aide fibromyalgia, sleep deprivation, muscle cramps and help balance hormones.

You will learn how to empower your clients by using different teaching styles and thought provoking questions to get them to become their own food specialists.  It’s up to your client if they choose to eat well; you can provide them with information and resources to get them turned on to eating for their health’s sake, it’s all in the delivery…

*A simple lunch recipe will be shared, and lunch provided


Topic: “Muscular Assessments and Rehab” (4 hours) Presented by Adrian Hamill-Director PhysioMed Physiotherapist & Athlete

Identify and overcome muscle weakness and injury, using assessment and rollers.

Often injury is completely avoidable with a bit of assessment early on. For sports specific training, many people will do what everyone else is doing and if they have a weakness like “non- firing glutes” the very exercise they may be training with could potentially be the one that takes them out of the game.

At this workshop you will participate in a lower limb assessment, identify any weakness and understand its contribution to the function of running.  You will discuss cause and effect of different joint limitations and strength weakness issues and be shown corrective exercises.  We will look at sport specific exercise prescription, and focus on increasing performance through limiting injury down time, and training through injury safely.   Strapping and bracing techniques will be open for discussion.

You will also be introduced to the use of rollers for prehab and rehab, stretching, strengthening and self massage.  You will look at causes of joint range of motion limitations and the role muscles play in joint protection, the difference between stretching a muscle and mobilising muscle tissue to achieve a greater function.