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Weigh Better Detox

Weigh Better Detox

Many people will work hard on their diets; they will increase their exercise and do all the right things but still have issues with losing weight, joint inflammation, pain, brain fog, digestion, skin irritations and re-occurring fungal infections!


 This can all be due to poor gut health, and it’s not your fault!  On the whole we have been given far too many antibiotics in our lifetimes and that combined with our stressful lifestyles and an over consumption of hidden sugars can lead to Candida overgrowth! The latest statistics estimate that at least 70% of us are suffering with poor gut health, and although it takes a bit of patience to re-set- the great news is; it can be done!

The 2 day Weigh Better Detox plan will stomp out sugar cravings, cleanse the bowel and get you ready to start eating healthier.  The Weigh Better Detox is laid out step by step and easy to follow and for those of you that know how to eat healthier this may be just what you need before you continue clean eating for the next few weeks.  As you will need to make major dietary changes to get the best results we really recommend using   the 1 month Weigh Better Change Your Life plan (see below).
Weigh Better Detox on its own sent to you via email- $49

“Being from the health and fitness industry I knew exactly what to do but couldn’t quite put it into action, the Detox helped me get back on track and gave me a kick start”. – Wellington , Nurse

1 month Weigh Better Change Your Life plan– includes 2 day Weigh Better Detox (as above) Weekly shopping lists and over 30 recipes that are simple and easy to follow. Sent to you via email –$89

“ I had no-idea what I could eat when I found out all the things we needed to exclude to make sure all the effort I put into the Detox would be worth it, the recipes and shopping lists helped a lot.” –Christchurch, Early Learning Educator.

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“Remember Whole food is like premium fuel -it will give you the ride of your life!!”-Cher Hunter

Detox Packages

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