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About Somebody Weigh Better

About Somebody Weigh Better

Over 11 years ago SomeBody Weigh Better’s online nutritional diary was  launched way before it’s time…  We used simple scientific calculations to work out a person’s BMR and gave them a diary to keep track of their energy expenditure. While it became a huge success for many years,  in today’s day and age with FREE food diary applications on your cell phone etc. we decided to move away from the online diary and offer a whole lot more!

Cher Hunter, owner and director of SomeBody Weigh Better, headed off to University to investigate how nutrition, body and mind were all connected.  She studied Anatomy, Bio-mechanics, Sports Nutrition, Psychology and Business.

In 2008 SomeBody Weigh Better won the Fitness Life, South Island Contribution to the community award. In 2014, after being nominated for 2 awards -SomeBody Weigh Better brought home the Community Excellence Award from the Fitness New Zealand Industry Awards Ceremony in Auckland for the Weigh Better Project. Through SomeBody Weigh Better, we helped develop and facilitated the award winning  Active Life Programme and have worked with large companies in creating their wellness strategies.  Our latest success is the Weigh Better Detox and Change Your Life Plan-people have literally cleared up many of their health ailments like skin rashes, migraines, fungal infections, sore joints and muscles, and sorted digestion issues by working from the inside out!

Our Company Values are to help people to achieve healthy realistic goals, refer to other health professionals when needed, align with credible and professional people, be confidential and continue our own education.

Our Company Philosophy is we are all in this together; we are all about positive thinking and self talk to help motivate clients, we show no judgement and are unconditionally loving  in our teaching. We expect the best effort from clients because they are worth it!

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