"Empowering People to Achieve Balance"

Personal Training & Mentoring

Every client is treated with love care and respect- your training will be as individual as you are…

About Somebody Weigh Better

Over 11 years ago SomeBody Weigh Better’s online nutritional diary was  launched way before it’s time…  We used simple scientific calculations to work out a person’s BMR and gave them a diary to keep track of their energy expenditure. While it became a huge success for many years,  in today’s day and age with FREE food diary applications on your cell phone etc. we decided to move away from the online diary and offer a whole lot more!

Weigh Better Detox

Many people will work hard on their diets; they will increase their exercise and do all the right things but still have issues with losing weight, joint inflammation, pain, brain fog, digestion, skin irritations and re-occurring fungal infections!



As part of our mission and purpose on the planet we are very dedicated to preventative health practice on a community level…

"Empowering People to Achieve Balance"